The wonders of the coast in boat tour

//The wonders of the coast in boat tour

Punta Campanella, Capri, Li Galli, Positano and Amalfi are the goodies of the coast to enjoy in a fantastic boat tour

boat tour in coast

The Sorrento Coast as well as the Amalfi Coast are filled with natural and landscaping sceneries, and the best way to explore it is just a boat tour. For those who want to seize the opportunity to meet new people with whom to share their adventure to discover the wonders of the Coast, the ideal boat tour is the group. On these occasions, the atmosphere is more and more lively, characterized by laughter, talk and maybe enriched by a new friendship. Those who want to relax by preferring a more intimate atmosphere while reserving time for the couple or their family can choose the private boat tour, escorted by a discreet skipper who can provide all the useful information and curiosities about the beauties of the coast.

It is difficult to make a classification of the beautiful landscapes of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, certainly if you come from these parts a boat tour is really compulsory, just so you can admire the majesty of the coast, of which Sorrento State gives just a taste.


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